Access to the Intepasture Service:

The Intepasture service runs on its own dedicated web server, that you can access from the login button above or click here.


How Does Intepasture Average Results?


If there are multiple results for the same day, Intefruit will calculate the average of these results, and will use that average in the graph and in the tables. To see individual results click on the “Raw Data” () button at the top and select the data point you want to look at. Intefruit also uses averaging in zone view. Clicking the Raw Data icon will show the individual results, to help identify outliers.


Can I Define My Own Desired Ranges?

Intepasture has default desired ranges for most types of test, that match the desired ranges used by leading analytical laboratories. Most Intepasture users find that these default ranges suit them well. However some users prefer to define their own Desired Ranges and we are happy to arrange such customer-specific ranges. A fee may apply.


Who Provides the Intepasture Service?

Intepasture is a service provided AgConsult Ltd.